speakingKrista speaks to audiences of women across the country about how to revive, reclaim and renew their bodies and their lives through identifying what holds them back, creating a clear vision and taking simple daily actions that create significant results. She believes that African American women are the heart of the family and community and is passionate about helping them transform their lives and create a wellness ripple effect well beyond themselves.  She can speak to your audience or run workshops for your group on a variety of topics involving weight loss, health, wellness, nutrition and self care.

Here are a few of Krista’s signature topics, but if your group is seeking something more specific, please contact us to discuss.

  • Breaking The Chains – What the health crisis in the black community means for you, your kids, your family and your community, and simple things all of us can do to change the game
  • From Weighed Down to Leveled Up — What being weighed down is costing you, and how you can turn things around
  • The Wonder Woman Life — Firing on all cylinders but one? How to be a high achiever in body mind and spirit
  • Reinvent Your Wheel: Reclaiming Your Body, Your Balance and Your Bliss — An interactive workshop. How to break through the old patterns holding you back from achieving the well being and balance you crave, and to move with purpose towards the healthy, energized and blissful life you desire.