productsThrough my coaching, speaking and workshops which empower black women and their families and communities to live fully by reclaiming their bodies and their health, I’m able to reach many women who are ready to get the intensive support and guidance I provide. I am passionate about making a difference on an even greater scale, so I’ve created products that allow me to share my signature systems, tools and strategies and impact more lives on a day to day basis.

My first book, The Soul Sister’s Guide to Reclaiming Your Body and Renewing Your Life (out this winter) will give you the knowledge, inspiration, and action steps to help you let go of the weight you’ve been carrying, and live from a place of energy, vitality and overall wellness. Packed with information, examples and expert guidance you will learn how to identify what your healthy life looks like, pinpoint what has been holding you back, bust through the obstacles and take the consistent focused action to get you where you want to be. This isn’t your usual “drop 10 lbs in 10 days” quick fix book. You may have tried those before and they didn’t get you far. This time it will be different.