Is Your But Too Big?

No ExcusesNo, I’m not trying to insult you.  And I know that a little junk in the trunk isn’t a bad thing!  What I’m talking about is what is happening with those goals you set on January 1.  I know some of you aren’t where you planned to be.  I get it. You had some big ambitions that life would change, and slowly you lost steam.  You may have even heard yourself say “but, it’s too hard” or “but I don’t have time” or “but I can’t.”  Is your “but” too big to achieve your goals?

If you know me I’m not the “take no prisoners” or “What’s your excuse? “  kind of person. My style is a bit kinder and gentler.  However there is no getting around it. If your but is too big your goals are dead in the water.   So follow these steps to tone down your but and get lifted to your vision.

Take responsibility – If it’s everyone else’s fault that you can’t get your workout in or fix a healthy meal you’ll be waiting a long time to get your washboard abs and quinoa-kale salad.  Own your choices. Own your thoughts, your beliefs, and your actions. When we take responsibility for what’s happening in our lives we gain control and power.  If you are relying on everyone else to fix things for you, you’ve given up the power you possess to achieve your goals.

Be held accountable – Accountability partners are great. The really good ones will let you know when your but gets too big.  When you make an appointment with or a commitment to an accountability partner, you are more likely to follow through.  At the same time, you need to be accountable to yourself first—to your dreams and goals. Your partner can’t care more than you do about your desire to get off your blood pressure meds, or get down to a healthy weight.

Be honest – “But I can’t find the time” is a common response.  I understand that your schedule may be crazy, but if you want something to change, something’s got to change. Everyone has the same 24 hours in the day. You get to choose what’s most important — don’t give away your power by saying “I can’t.”  If your choice is to watch Scandal for an hour instead of going to Zumba class, don’t say you didn’t have time. Do a schedule audit. Go through your entire day and see where you made choices to do something other than nurture your vision of a healthy body.  Figure out where you could carve out the time or identify where someone else could take over a task for you.  Make a better choice next time.

Take small steps – “But it’s too hard” – Big visions and audacious dreams are not for the faint of heart. If it was easy everyone would do it.  Running a marathon may be pretty hard but walking or jogging one block is doable.  Obviously it won’t happen overnight but step by step it will. Break the hard things down into small steps and be consistent about doing them.  Consistency is king.

Get back on track with your goals for 2014.  It doesn’t matter what day it is – just get your “but” out of the way.

If you are serious about downsizing your “but” I’d be happy to help.  Contact me now for your complimentary 30 Minute Discovery Session where I’ll give you strategies and tools you can use.  I have a limited number of slots so don’t wait.  Email

Upgrade Your Mindset for Success – 3 Simple Tips That Make a Big Difference

same old v2

Proper goal setting is only one part of achieving your weight loss and wellness goals. I’ve seen people who are really determined to achieve their goals, have all the programs, products and equipment lined up to help them do the work, only to find themselves stuck at some point and unable to move forward to achieve what they set out to accomplish. Often it’s a stuck point that’s familiar and it pops up no matter what different methods or approaches they try. They might not even realize it’s a repeating pattern.

What is the missing ingredient? Mindset. It might sound simple. It applies to almost anything, but is particularly important for those fighting the weight loss battle and trying to win – for good. Releasing weight and keeping it off over the long haul isn’t a one day thing. There is no overnight miracle. That’s why mindset is so important.

There are many ways you can up-level your mindset for success.  I am going to share with you three simple upgrades you can do right away to make a difference.

1. Deal with Your Blocks: If you have been trying to make changes to your diet and lifestyle, but are unable to create breakthroughs beyond a certain point, I invite you to dig deeper into what is holding you back. Maybe it’s not just a matter of willpower in the present moment that is preventing you from succeeding. You may have to do some work looking at past experiences and identifying your fears and limiting beliefs.  Do you believe you can succeed? Are you afraid of people might treat you different if you do? Have you failed before and lost confidence?  Once you identify those experiences, fears and beliefs, you can begin to take action to move yourself forward.  Awareness is everything.

2. Find The Bigger Why: When you face challenges in adapting dietary and lifestyle changes, and you want to just go back to your old ways, you can ask yourself a few probing questions.  Why do I want this change in the first place?  Go deep – beyond the surface level.  Don’t just take the first answer. Ask yourself why 5 times.  If the first answer is to “to lose weight,” ask why. If the second answer is “because I don’t like being overweight” ask why again, and so on, until you get to the root of the why. You’ll know when you’re there because there are no more answers to give. Write down that reason, post it on your fridge or carry it around with you when things get tough. The next question you can ask yourself is “what are the benefits of staying in the same place?” You may find some interesting answers here if you dig deep. It probably goes beyond getting to eat what you want. Your benefits could include always having something to give yourself comfort, or getting to avoid unwanted attention from men. Keep asking yourself “then what?” – tap into the emotions.  Identifying the hidden benefits of staying in the same place may reveal some issues you need to work on to help pave the way to your success.

3. Drop Perfection:  Easier said than done, I know. I’m a recovering perfectionist myself.  But I know it doesn’t serve me to expect to be perfect. In fact it holds me back from inspired action.  One tool that has been helpful for me in terms of eating healthy is using the 90/10 Rule. Eat well and healthy 90% of the time, and indulge without guilt 10% of the time.  Caveat: your 90% should be food you enjoy and not feel like a sacrifice. Healthy food is good stuff — it doesn’t have to be bland or boring.  The 10% I like to consider as “treats.”   One of the most important things in terms of your mindset is not beating yourself up if you slip – this kind of guilt and self-blame does not help you stay on course.

Deprivation is not a sustainable way to make changes that last. You may be able to get on a crazy fad diet or go cold turkey on your favorite food for two weeks, but what happens after your “diet”? Most people will probably binge, feel bad, and give up. Allowing yourself to eat what you love, and finding healthier substitutes to satisfy your taste buds, is how you can make healthy changes that will bring you benefits for a long time to come.

I recommend the book called “the Big Leap.”  It talks about the concept of “upper-limiting.”  Some people, when they achieve success, tend to do something to decrease their overall happiness, or self-sabotage. They think that they do not deserve the joy. This is generally deeply rooted in your belief system and your early experience. I encourage you to get the book if you tend to self sabotage and have trouble with being deserving.

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