Meet Krista

Krista Riddley Krista Riddley empowers successful, motivated, enlightened women to fulfill their life’s dreams by inspiring them to reclaim their bodies and reawaken their core self-confidence. Combining her holistic approach to health, nutrition, fitness and well-being with her signature authentic style, Krista passionately spreads her message to women worldwide through her community leadership, speaking, writing and coaching services.

Her powerful, life-changing private and group coaching programs guide women through the process of embracing their own unique life’s journey and drawing on their personal experiences to create a customized blueprint for attaining a healthy weight, optimizing their energy and vitality and recovering their body’s natural state of wellness.

When Krista decided to move on from a successful career as a top level manager, highly respected leader, and impassioned advocate for the cause of human rights, prosperity, and peace in Africa and around the world, she knew that her next chapter would have to be meaningful.   Identifying the immense need in her own community for information, inspiration and transformation of bodies, minds and spirits for wellness and longevity, Krista found her 2nd calling.  She believes firmly that as African Americans, we are ready to break free, to reclaim our health, our lives, and the legacy of our people and she is firmly poised as a leader in that liberation.

Building on her award winning success as a figure competitor, her years of experience working with women struggling to lose weight, halt emotional eating patterns, get stronger and more confident, and live their best lives daily, Krista offers a proven system designed to help women reclaim their bodies, and live their lives to the fullest.

Her core passion is working with women who are motivated and ready to prioritize their health and create a new experience of freedom from chronic conditions that plague their families and community. Clients who are fully committed to her programs will experience transformational results including getting to their desired weight, jump starting their energy and rolling back preventable health conditions that are dragging them down.  Her programs provide the blueprint for her clients to gain clarity, create their vision, build confidence and commitment, pursue a plan of action, stay focused, problem solve and experience lasting change.

Certifications and Credentials

Certified Wellness and Fitness Coach — Wellcoaches

Holistic Health Coach – Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Weight Management Consultant – AAAI/ISMA

Certified Personal Trainer – NASM

Krista has a Master’s Degree in international affairs from Columbia University and a Bachelor’s Degree in political science and French from Iowa State University.

To speak to Krista about speaking engagements, corporate wellness programs or her signature coaching programs, please contact her at

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