Sisters can we talk?

You are amazing, successful, and have many things others dream of. Yet that one thing eludes you, and you know it’s a game changer…

It has the power to:

  • revive your lagging energy and self confidence
  • serve as a powerful example for your children
  • reignite your relationship with your spouse or significant other
  • create a new legacy in your community
  • uplevel your career prospects
  • give you the freedom to live how you’ve always wanted

Reclaiming your body is a game changer, a life changer, a life saver. I’m here to help.

I‘m on a mission to empower sisters just like you. For all we’ve been through, I know we aren’t going to let this take us down.
The cost is too high.

I understand

  • you’ve tried and failed and tried again and you are skeptical
  • you’ve thrown your hands in the air and given up, deciding to just accept what is, whether it’s ideal or not
  • maybe you are just now facing up to the reality after seeing yourself in some photos, or hearing a diagnosis from your doctor

I get it

As a recovered binge eater I know what it feels like when the cost gets too high, when frustration, sadness, fear and feelings of failure and shame are front and center … when something has to give.

You don’t want to pay the cost anymore

You want that full, vibrant, energetic life, the kind of life that is worthy as an example to your daughters, nieces, god-daughters and the neighborhood girls who look up to you. You feel like you've tried everything. It's been so long. You're tired. In one way you've sort of lost hope, yet you still want it.

You still want to get your body back once and for all

You still want to jump out of bed full of energy excited about the day ahead. You want to get your life back.

I promise you there is a way out.

With my signature ReclaimYou™ programs will be literally revived. You will reclaim your body and renew your health.
Game (not) over.

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Krista speaks to audiences of women across the country about how to revive, reclaim and renew their bodies and their lives through identifying what holds them back, creating a clear vision and taking simple daily actions that create significant … Read More